Redefining the mining industry

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the mining industry through the application of biomining and synthetic biology. We are committed to designing and developing innovative solutions for the efficient extraction of metals, such as lithium, using genetically modified microorganisms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become global leaders in the field of biomining, recognized for our ability to develop efficient and sustainable metal extraction solutions. We aim to be a benchmark in the implementation of biotechnological processes that enable the industry to achieve eco-friendly mining at scale.



BioMetallum Startup Team Molecular Biologist PhD Mariana Semmoloni

Mariana Semmoloni
Ph.D. in Biological
Specialist in Molecular Biology.

Senior Organism

BioMetallum Startup Team Microbe-Metal Interactions Scientist PhD Melisa Olivelli

Melisa Olivelli
Ph.D. in Science and
Specialist in Extremophile Microorganisms and Microbe-Metal Interactions.

Microbe-Metal Interactions

BioMetallum Startup Team Bioinformatics Scientist B.Sc. Franco Paredes

Franco Paredes
B.Sc. in Biotechnology.
Specialist in Bioinformatics
and Data Mining.

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

BioMetallum Startup Team Lab Technician B.Sc. Candidate Brenda Kincaid

Brenda Kincaid
Biotechnology B.Sc. Candidate.

Junior Scientist

Martina Lamothe BioMetallum Startup Team Lab Technician B.Sc. Candidate

Martina Lamothe
Biotechnology B.Sc. Candidate.

Junior Scientist

BioMetallum Startup Team Commercial Mining Advisor Raúl Molina

Raúl Molina
Commercial Manager and
Founder Copperprotek

Commercial Mining Advisor

BioMetallum Startup Team Nanotechnology Advisor PhD Guillermo R. Castro

Guillermo R. Castro
Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry
Head of the Laboratory of Nanobiomaterials at the Applied Biotechnology
Institute (CINDEFI,

Nanotechnology Advisor

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