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Why Lithium?

Lithium stands at the heart of the energy transition, essential for powering electric vehicles (EVs) and other sustainable technologies. With the demand for EVs surging, the need for lithium has never been greater. Our approach ensures we not only meet the growing demand but do so with an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.


Lithium BioX - Revolutionizing Sustainable Brine Extraction

Lithium BioX, developed by BioMetallum, is an innovative, sustainable method that uses biotechnology for efficient extraction of metals from brine. This technique greatly improves metal recovery and speeds up the extraction process, aiding the shift to renewable energy. It's environmentally gentle, requiring only 5% of the space of traditional methods and operates consistently regardless of climate.

This method also supports water conservation by returning brine after lithium is extracted, making it economically feasible for low-concentration lithium projects in areas like Bolivia and Argentina. Lithium BioX boasts a high lithium recovery rate of over 90% and enables the extraction of other metals from brine, optimizing resource use.

Crucially, it prevents toxic waste production, cutting disposal costs and aligning with a vision for a cleaner future.

Lithium BioR - Unlocking a Sustainable Lithium Source Through Battery Recycling

Despite 99% of Li-Ion batteries being recyclable, only 2% are currently recycled. Our Lithium BioR method not only achieves complete metal recovery from batteries but also incorporates a unique biotechnological process. By utilizing microorganisms, we generate molecules capable of effectively recovering lithium. This innovative approach presents substantial environmental and economic benefits, tapping into an underutilized lithium source and contributing to resource preservation for a sustainable future.

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